About Us

Welcome to the Birmingham South Cluster of the Alabama Emmaus Community. We have monthly meetings and share in a time of fellowship, singing, praising our Lord and Holy Communion. 
Due to the large geographical size of the Alabama Emmaus Community, several clusters were established to facilitate support of its members in their Fourth Day Journey as renewed Christians.
Anyone who has completed the Walk to Emmaus or a similar three day experience may be a member of the cluster. The members are primarily in the southern and western parts of Jefferson County, along with members from the North Shelby County area in Alabama.
The cluster encourages its members to continue their Fourth Day Journey and sustain their renewal experience through their church, reunion or accountability group, community and cluster servanthood.
Please use this website to assist you in your Fourth Days. 

9 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Is there a link to the service sheet somewhere here on the website? I need to fill one out but didn’t see any at last night’s meeting. Thanks!


  2. It was supposed to already be there, but evidently it got left off. You can now find it under both “Links” and “Servanthood in Emmaus”, at the top of the page.


  3. Hi Martin,
    Do we have a Facebook page or a closed group? I tried to find one but nothing came up. Found one for Bham East but not us.


    1. There is not one to my knowledge at this time. That would probably be something to discuss with Bill Rush. I’m not the one to do something like that, as I don’t do Facebook regularly.


  4. I have a friend who attended a Walk in a small Emmaus Community, and she has not had luck finding a Reunion Group. She is 68yo, would like to find a Reunion Group with women in her age group (50’s to 70’s). If anyone in the B’ham South Cluster knows of such a group, please let me know. She lives in the vicinity of Homewood/B’ham/UAB.


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