Servanthood in Emmaus

There are opportunities all around us.

While on your Walk you probably saw servanthood as offering your time and talent as God’s instrument.

When you returned from camp, you may have begun to think about different avenues of servanthood, for which there are opportunites in your local church, your family and community…..and within this cluster and in the larger Emmaus community.

Perhaps you will simply do what you have already been doing, only with a renewed sense of purpose and desire to be God’s instrument.

Local Church and Community

  Within your local church, you might find opportunities to serve.
  • Maybe there is a class that has been without a teacher or needs someone to give the regular teacher a well-earned rest.
  • Perhaps there is a group at church that helps to feed the homeless.
  • Help prepare the elements for Holy Communion and clean up afterward.

Just ask your pastor what needs doing that isn’t getting done and watch how quickly he or she begins listing suggestions.

Birmingham South Cluster

Within this cluster you can offer your time and talents:

  • bring your guitar.
  • provide refreshments, and come a bit early to help set them out and stay a few minutes afterward to help clean up.
  • help provide refreshments for a Walk.
  • offer to participate in the 72-Hour Prayer Vigil.
  • write letters for pilgrims we know and attend their Candlelight.
  • invite them to join your Reunion Group.
  • help serve a meal at camp when there is a pilgrim from your church.
Alabama Emmaus Community 
 The following paragraph is excerpted from the booklet from The Emmaus Library, titled Spiritual Growth Through Team Experience by Joanne Bultemeier (Upper Room Books, 1997, page 33).

 The team experience can be powerful when we give ourselves to it. We must empty ourselves so that the Holy Spirit can fill us and work in us abundantly. The first converts to Christianity “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of the bread and the prayers” (Acts 2: 42). If we are to become effective disciples of Christ, we must do the same.
Make sure you fill out and submit an “Application to Serve” if you are interested in serving on a team.  Click here to download: Application to Serve

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