2016 Calendar of Events

January 28-31 451 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
February 18-21 452 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
March 1st B’ham South Cluster mtg Vestavia Hills UMC
3—6 453  Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
29th B’ham South Cluster mtg Hueytown UMC
30 – Apr. 3 454 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
April 14 -17 455  Men’s Walk Sumatanga
19th B’ham South Cluster mtg Trinity West Homewood UMC
May 12—15 456  Men’s Walk Sumatanga
31st B’ham South Cluster mtg Hueytown UMC
August 11—14 457 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
25 – 28 458 Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
30th B’ham South Cluster mtg Vestavia Hills UMC
September 15—18 459 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
27th B’ham South Cluster mtg Hueytown UMC
October 6 —9 460 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
25th B’ham South Cluster mtg Vestavia Hills UMC
November 3—6 461 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
December 6th B’ham South Cluster mtg Hueytown UMC

Cluster Meetings 2016

The Birmingham South Cluster gatherings have been scheduled for 2016, on the dates listed below.

Notice that we are trying two things different this year.  Gatherings will be held on Tuesdays in 2016, generally on the last Tuesday of each month.  We will also rotate between only two locations, Vestavia UMC and Hueytown UMC.  Meetings will start with a covered dish at 6:30 PM, and childcare will be available.

March 1st at Vestavia UMC
March 29th at Hueytown UMC
April 19th at Trinity West Homewood UMC
May 31st at Hueytown UMC
August 30th at Vestavia UMC
September 27th at Hueytown UMC
October 25th at Vestavia UMC
December 6th at Hueytown UMC

**Due to a schedule conflict, the April 19 followup will be held at Trinity West Homewood UMC (Formerly Oakmont UMC)

2016 Walk Dates

The 2016 Alabama Emmaus Community walks have been announced, and are scheduled for the following weekends.  Please consider sponsoring people for these walks.

451 2016 JANUARY 28-31 WOMEN
452 2016 FEBRUARY 18-21 WOMEN
453 2016 MARCH 3-6 MEN
454 2016 MARCH 31-APRIL 3 WOMEN
455 2016 APRIL 14-17 MEN
456 2016 MAY 12-15 MEN
457 2016 AUGUST 11-14 WOMEN
458 2016 AUGUST 25-28 MEN
459 2016 SEPTEMBER 15-18 WOMEN
460 2016 OCTOBER 6-9 WOMEN
461 2016 NOVEMBER 3-6 WOMEN

Golf Tournament Fundraiser for Sumatanga

The 4th Annual Bud Bottcher Memorial Golf Tournament is to be held  October 31, 2015 8:30 a.m. at Joe Wheeler State Park Golf Course, Rogersville, AL.

All proceeds will go to Camp Sumatanga

4 person scramble teams; shotgun start
Mulligans and Power Drives available

Registration begins at 7:45

$75.00per person includes:
Green fees, golf cart, prizes, lunch
$10,000 hole in one prize

Sponsor a hole for $250, $150, or $100.  See sponsorship form for more details

Make checks payable to Rogersville United Methodist Church.

Email bwatson0331@gmail.com or call (256) 627-3060 or (256) 483-1398 if you have any questions

Registration forms and sponsorship forms available online at www.shoalsemmaus.com (Shoals Cluster website).

Upcoming Walks – Pilgrims Needed!

Please remember to pray for our upcoming Women’s walks:
Walk 447, October 8 – 11
Walk 448, October 22 – 25

Both walks have openings, so if you have a pilgrim you have been considering sponsoring, encourage them to send in an application now!

Updated 2015 Schedule of Events

There have been a couple of changes to the cluster schedule due to recent weather, so please see below an updated schedule for the remainder of 2015.

March 19 B’ham South Cluster mtg     (AGAPE night) Christ Church UMC
April 9—12 440 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
16 B’ham South Cluster mtg Pleasant Hill UMC
16—19 439 Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
23—26 441 Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
May 1—2 BOARD MEETING Camp Sumatanga
14—17 442 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
21 B’ham South Cluster mtg Riverchase UMC
28—31 443 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
June 25 B’ham South Cluster mtg Trinity UMC
August 13—16 444 Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
14—15 ANNUAL TRAINING EVENT Camp Sumatanga
27 B’ham South Cluster mtg Vestavia Hills UMC
September 10—13 445 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
17 B’ham South Cluster mtg Sylvan Springs UMC
24—27 446 Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
October 8—11 447 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
22—25 448 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
29 B’ham South Cluster mtg Canterbury UMC
November 5—8 449 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
12—15 Men’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
19 B’ham South Cluster mtg     (AGAPE night) Mtn. Chapel UMC
December 3—6 451 Women’s Walk Camp Sumatanga
10 B’ham South Cluster mtg Pleasant Grove UMC

2015 Follow Up Dates & Locations

The 2015 Follow Up Meeting Dates & Locations have been set, so add them to your calendar!

February 26th – 1st UMC Hueytown
March 19th – Christ Church UMC
April 16th – Pleasant Hill UMC
May 21st – Riverchase UMC
June 25th – Trinity UMC
August 27th – Vestavia Hills UMC
September 17th – 1st UMC Sylvan Springs
October 29th – Canterbury UMC
November 19th – Mountain Chapel UMC
December 10th – Pleasant Grove UMC

We plan to continue the same schedule of Covered Dish starting at 6:30 PM, with Childcare available at EVERY cluster meeting with 48 hour advance notice to Monica Gallups.

Follow Up’s for the rest of 2014

We have three remaining follow-up meetings for 2014.  Make sure and come to one!

October 30, 2014
Canterbury UMC
350 Overbrook Rd, Mountain Brook 35213

November 20, 2014
1st UMC Sylvan Springs
5520 Birmingport Rd, Sylvan Springs 35118

December 11, 2014
Pleasant Grove UMC
452 9th Ave, Pleasant Grove 35127

Childcare will be available at all of these meetings beginning at 6:15 p.m., with advance reservations.  Childcare reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance by contacting: Monica Gallups, mnggangelwings@yahoo.com, 205-516-4563.

Upcoming Walks 2014-2015

Here are the dates for the Upcoming walks, including 2015 Dates:

Women’s Walk 431, August 14-17, Teely Samson LD, Chuck Worley SD

Men’s Walk 432, September 11-14, Ken Bauer LD, Todd Owen SD

Women’s Walk 433, September 25-28, Lynn Carmichael LD, Vicki Carter SD

Women’s Walk 434, October 16-19, Bobbi Shelton LD, Sandra Locke-Godbey SD

Men’s Walk 435, October 23-26, Hal Keeton LD, Dallas Culver SD

Women’s Walk 436, November 13-16, Laura Durbin LD, Lynn Dimon SD

Women’s Walk 437, December 4-7
Women’s Walk 438, February 19-22
Men’s Walk 439, March 5-8
Women’s Walk 440, April 9-12
Men’s Walk 441, April 23-26
Women’s Walk 442, May 14-17
Women’s Walk 443, June 11-14
Men’s Walk 444, August 13-16
Women’s Walk 445, September 10-13
Men’s Walk 446, September 24-27
Women’s Walk 447, October 8-11
Women’s Walk 448, October 22-25
Women’s Walk 449, November 5-8
Men’s Walk 450, November 12-15
Women’s Walk 451, December 3-6

Remember these in your prayers.

Details can always be found on the Alabama Emmaus Website