Cluster Meetings 2016

The Birmingham South Cluster gatherings have been scheduled for 2016, on the dates listed below.

Notice that we are trying two things different this year.  Gatherings will be held on Tuesdays in 2016, generally on the last Tuesday of each month.  We will also rotate between only two locations, Vestavia UMC and Hueytown UMC.  Meetings will start with a covered dish at 6:30 PM, and childcare will be available.

March 1st at Vestavia UMC
March 29th at Hueytown UMC
April 19th at Trinity West Homewood UMC
May 31st at Hueytown UMC
August 30th at Vestavia UMC
September 27th at Hueytown UMC
October 25th at Vestavia UMC
December 6th at Hueytown UMC

**Due to a schedule conflict, the April 19 followup will be held at Trinity West Homewood UMC (Formerly Oakmont UMC)

2016 Walk Dates

The 2016 Alabama Emmaus Community walks have been announced, and are scheduled for the following weekends.  Please consider sponsoring people for these walks.

451 2016 JANUARY 28-31 WOMEN
452 2016 FEBRUARY 18-21 WOMEN
453 2016 MARCH 3-6 MEN
454 2016 MARCH 31-APRIL 3 WOMEN
455 2016 APRIL 14-17 MEN
456 2016 MAY 12-15 MEN
457 2016 AUGUST 11-14 WOMEN
458 2016 AUGUST 25-28 MEN
459 2016 SEPTEMBER 15-18 WOMEN
460 2016 OCTOBER 6-9 WOMEN
461 2016 NOVEMBER 3-6 WOMEN